The Creative Mapping Project at C.C.A.C

 The Creative Mapping Project at C.C.A.C with Susan O’ Regan


Using embroidery and stitching on a large textile canvas, Susan O’ Regan and Transition Year students working together with trainees from Co-Action decided to take action and show everybody exactly where CCAC is by creating a map, highlighting our arts centre. On its completion the map image will be displayed on our website and for general distribution (such as information leaflets/flyers)around West Cork.

The creative collaborative project brings two different groups together to complete an abstract textile map of Asna Square, Clonakilty.  While developing new skills of traditional and contemporary stitching the groups also have fun getting to know others within the community.   Developing their creative skills; learning from one another while engaging in a community integration project.

Through our Creative Mapping Project we work with members of our community that perhaps we have only passed on the street before. We had fun developing our images of Asna Square from drawings into an abstract design for a creative map. Presently we are stitching in structure lines using basic stitching techniques. Some of the group are beginning to develop their own approaches to the task inventing through experimenting with different approaches.

The workshop begins with getting to know you ice- breakers where we learn a little about others and ourselves. Each week we experiment with coloured threads and textiles e.g. plaiting, knotting and windings. We also learn traditional stitching methods such as running stitch, back stitch, tapestry stitch and appliqué. As the weeks go by the group becomes more creative and adventurous in developing their skills. The creative mapping project will be on display at C.C.A.C s annual members exhibition as an interactive piece where you can also make your mark –or stitch we will be there to assist you.

The next project will be a landscape project. If any groups are interested please contact us at or call Susan O’Regan (086)-8913204.