Tactile Textiles Workshop with Joan Mulvany

Wednesdays from 10am – 12pm

Beginning with cloth and thread, participants will learn to use these, along with other materials (paper, foil, tissue) and techniques (stitching, heating, soldering, gluing) to create individual,, unique and personal textile art.

The emphasis on the course is, through the provision of basic skills, to facilitate further exploration of textiles and enhance confidence to try out something new and trust your own feelings, both working on your own and as a group, sharing and exploring ideas and learning from each other. These workshops will encourage observations of the everyday and bring this awareness to your art.

Course Outline :

Exploration of Cloth:, texture, drape, weight

Layering using fabric, tissue, newspaper etc.

Investigating and exploring stitch, – French Knot, running, blanket, whip stitch, using different threads, different tensions, different lengths

Deconstruct and reconstruct: heat tool, soldering iron, cut and stitch,

Manipulation: wrapping, twisting

Using Bondaweb to create new material

Printing: using everyday objects, making simple block prints from foam sheet and card, using acrylic and fabric paints

Free Machine Stitch


Contact Joan at: 087 2849016 or at: joanmulvany@live.ie to book a place or for more information