This Friday the 9th of July at 7.30 pm we are delighted to be having an Exhibition by James Waller, Balance The Roses. A collection of paintings, prints, and poems.

Figure and fugue sequences, juxtaposing the figurative and the abstract, the Baroque and the Modern.

James Waller is addicted to shadows and reflections. As a painter, sculptor and poet, he finds himself forever swinging between the demands of the word and the image. When unchained from shadows he is known to produce festivals and curate exhibitions. His visual work has appeared in the Sydney Opera House, St Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Kasmir World Music Festival. His poetry has appeared in Page Seventeen, Eureka Street, Five Poetry Journal, Stylus & Melbourne Reflections, as well as on RRR (Aural Text) and Channel 31 (Red Lobster).

Don’t miss this amazing show, looking forward to seeing you there on Friday, because of Covid rules we will be entertaining outside on the Asna Square and we will be letting 6 in at a time to enjoy the show in the Gallery. The exhibition runs from the 9th of July to the 30th of July.