‘I documented the skateboarding scene in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. The area is known as the Chess Tables and skaters go there for its smooth concrete surface and its social scene; that grew in popularity due to covid restrictions limiting access to skate parks.

The focus of the project aims to humanize skateboarders and the skateboarding community. In doing so it attempts to subvert the negative image of skateboarding in Ireland. Additionally, the images investigate the Irish skating sub- culture and the recent growth in skateboarding in Ireland.

I spent the summer (2021) creating this body of work and I continue to document the skaters and their environment. I documented the area and the skaters through live-action shots, portraiture and still life. I shot all the work on 6×6, 120 black and white film photography. I regularly visited the area and spend most of my time conversing and getting to know the skaters who skated in the area. I took inspiration from the American photographer Bruce Davidson and his approach to series-based work by immersing yourself in a group to create the strongest and most meaningful work.’