Exhibition Opens on Sat March 9th at 5.30pm and runs until Sat March 30th

Three artists working in distinctly graphic styles feature in Gallery Asna’s second exhibition for 2024. Polish collage artist Karolina Kaja Kant, German artist-designer Johanna Legnar, and Cork artist Aoife Nolan each explore inter-connectedness, from the merging of interior and exterior landscapes, the emergence of surprising visual associations and emotional resonances, to the links between politics, economics and climate justice.

Aoife Nolan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist working in drawing, painting, photography, film and textiles. The main concern within Nolan’s work, is the primal human need for connection. Connection to sense of self, connection to each other and connection with our collective home, earth. Inspired by nature and yogic practice, the interior and the exterior merge in the creation of contemporary landscapes.

Through a series of seven images, Karolina Kaja Kant interprets the invisible reactions and interactions within the human mind, translating these complex processes into captivating collages. Each collage invites the viewer onto a visual journey that stretches the boundaries of imagination.

Johanna Legnar shows graphic artworks about issues related to climate justice in a minimal and typographic design style. For Johanna political posters are an ideal way to express her thoughts, pointing out what‘s wrong and giving solutions to create a change. Furthermore she likes to inform people by engaging and appealing infographics.