Cathal O’ Regan, “Nature Over Nurture”

Thursday the 28th of April to Thursday the 12th of May 2016.

Opening reception Thursday the 28th of April, 7pm. All welcome.

Clonakilty Community Arts Centre is happy to present an exhibition of intricately detailed ink drawings by Clonakilty artist and illustrator Cathal O’ Regan. Cathal’s unique style lies somewhere between that of monastic illuminated manuscripts and surreal automatism, and are made using a meditative practice that would apply to both. The works vary in size and subject.

“The style which I have come to call my own, as each artist does, comes from a fusion of my desire to breathe new life into a sometimes clichéd mode and my fondness for intricately detailed work. I explore simplistic forms contrasted by their depth of detail, reflecting my own perception of the cosmos. With a fleeting look, the world is simple, but the longer you gaze, the greater the complexity of it all.”

Cathal accepts commissions big and small: